What does DEFENDER do?

We acquire customers

And few do it as well as DEFENDER, which is why we are the only Premier Provider for ADT, the most trusted brand in home security and automation. How do we do it? Each DEFENDER employee is responsible for following and looking for improvements to our marketing, sales and installation practices. This commitment to enhancing our systems has made us best in class at turning shoppers into customers for products and services that improve the lives of homeowners.

We use our unparalleled direct marketing expertise to generate leads

Each year, DEFENDER sends out billions of pieces of mail plus uses digital communications to market to customers. We have world class tracking practices and we continuously refine through innovation, meticulous data mining and testing.

We turn leads into sales like no one else

There's generating a response, and then there's closing the deal. DEFENDER's phone sales representatives lead the industry in close rates. The key to our success? A system for matching each caller with the most skilled representative for his or her needs.

We complete our customer experience with world class installations

Our technicians have entered more than a million homes across the United States, all while maintaining a level of customer service excellence well above the industry standard.